Vac-Mop Cleaning Services conducts a number of services in the Central Australia region, such as carpet steam and dry cleaning, upholstery steam cleaning, fabric protection for carpets and upholstery and tile and grout cleaning.

We can also be contracted to clean, strip and polish your vinyl or linoleum floors and offer concrete pressure washing services. The team at Vac-Mop Cleaning Services are capable of working in remote areas.


Vac-Mop can perform an industry standard clean or a full restoration clean, whatever you require to have your carpets looking fresh and almost new. We pride ourselves on being the only cleaning contractor in Alice Springs to offer both forms of cleaning.


This is a very basic clean for carpets that are already well maintained. The process includes a pre-spray and rinse. To assist with the cleaning process, the dry vacuuming is usually done by the occupants prior to our visit.


This is recommended annually. For your hard-to-clean areas, such as high traffic patches and carpet that has not been well maintained, Vac-Mop Cleaning Services can provide a Scrub Clean to remove built-up grime and rubbed in dirt. After a basic vacuum (done by either you or us) to remove the top surface of dust and dirt, we pre-spray then rinse clean.


This is a full service clean and includes the removal of acid dye stains. We cannot provide quotes other than on a per-hourly basis on this level of cleaning because some stains may require almost 30 minutes each to remove.


Vac-Mop Cleaning Services can maintain, clean and restore fabric and leather upholstery in your home, vehicle or office. We use a cleaning formula similar to the one we apply to carpets and follow much the same steps to ensure your upholstery looks great for longer.


To prevent further stains and damage to your carpets and upholstery, we can apply an additional protective solution. We use the latest chemical formulations especially suited to the type of carpet or fabric it's being applied to.


Using a high-pressure hot water system and a range of chemical techniques, we can return your tiles and grout to their "like new" appearance. Your wet areas will be gleaming after a visit from the Vac-Mop professionals.


Cement pavers and walls can get mouldy and stained from water seepage and high traffic use. Vac-Mop Cleaning Services combines an extremely high water pressure and temperature to help remove years of grime from driveways, footpaths and walls. We combine the water with a range of cleaning chemicals to help remove oil stains from automobile seepage.


To help protect your hard flooring, Vac-Mop Cleaning Services can provide a clean using the softest brushes and pads up to a full strip and seal service. We can strip and polish your floors until they gleam.


Vac-Mop is available for remote work throughout the Central Australia region, from Ayers Rock and Tennant Creek to the Alice and beyond. We have less modern machinery installed on one of our mobile trucks, which can be transported to remote areas in order to carry out our rigorous and professional cleaning for carpet, tiles and more resilient floor coverings. We can also restore most water damaged flooring due to flooding and offer a deodorising service for residences with pets, cigarette smoke and other odour-causing influences.